Bad 9800 Gx2 FPS. Help please.

My new 9800 Gx2 is getting some really bad FPS. I am not sure as to what is causing the problem, and have done just about all I can think of so far as to fix it. First I thought it was from overheating, so I put some more fans in my tower to see if I could cool it down, but I found out from XFX that the temp is just fine. Then I heard maybe it was because my Amps were below recommended, which was true. I was only running 30amps to a 40amp card. So I bought a Corsair 1k Watt PSU that gives 80amps to that bad boy. Still bad FPS.

Then I thought maybe I am bottlenecking the card because I am using a old 680i Mobo. So I have bought a new 790i Ultra Mobo, which I needed to get a new Mobo anyways so its no big deal.

What I am curious about is if anyone knows a reason why this card would be giving such bad FPS. My old 8800 GTS 640mb ran better than this new 9800 Gx2. Would the fact that the 9800 is DDR3 Memory, and uses PCIe 2.0 be causing the problem, since 680i's are not compatible with DDR3 and are just the old PCIe slots(assuming 1.0 PCIe)? I am totally out of ideas here. I have replaced most of my components. If the new Mobo doesnt fix it, I am assuming its the card itself that is bad.

Here is my setup:

Q6600 2.4ghz Quad Core CPU, 1k Watt Corsair PSU, XFX 9800 Gx2, 3gb DDR2 RAM, Windows XP 32bit, 680i SLI Mobo. Drivers all up to date. Tower is very cool, not overheating.
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More about 9800 please
  1. I doubt it will be worse than a 8800 GTS 640, seeing as even if you use only 1 gpu it will be about as strong as a 8800 GTS 512m G92 which comes close tot he 8800 GTX, rather than the 30% difference 8800 GTS 640 G80

    OOps forgot to post my idea.

    Try Uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them after see that the cables are all properly plugged in. Some PSUs have a 8 pin that is meant only for the motherboard, you should chekc that.

    IF that doesn't work, see that dual display isn't enabled and that sli is enabled.

    Theough the 680s have pci 1.0, and the bandwidth is nearly have, I doubt it will kill your frames to an extent where its worse than a 8800 GTS 640.

    Try what I said.

    Next post the resolution you play at, and if you can give us some general frames your getting in games.

    If your getting 30 fps in a game like cod 4 then you might have a problem:P


    I'm using the Corsair 1000watt, its an amazing and reliable PSU, still one of the most recommend power supplies out. They have been known to perform better than 1200 watt PSUs. I was shocked myself, and I bought it for 250$ CAD the past summer:D
  2. My resolution is at 1280x1024. But bad FPS is not the full problem. Sometimes when I run some games and such, I get little freeze spikes, like when I am walking around. Almost as if the card or the CPU is not able to keep up and has to freeze to render the information. It is extremely annoying.

    But all the pins and plugs are secure and in the right slots. I am not running SLI, so it is not enabled, and dual display is not enabled.

    Still not sure what is wrong.
  3. Your not running sli, but the option for sli is still there (this is fromw hat I remember) It should say dual gpu, or sli enabled (recommend) in your nvidia options.

    Download GPUz (do a quick google search) and then see where Nvidia sli if it says enabled 2 gpu. Because technically the card is sli, just in 1 socket.
  4. At your resolution, a GX2 should be tearing apart most any game out there...What is the exact driver version you are using? Also, define "Bad FPS"
  5. Yeah, I know it should be tearing any game apart. I am getting like 30 FPS in WoW and like Crysis and such. Its extremely choppy and I get freeze spikes.
  6. I'm not worried about 30FPS in Crysis, I'm worried about 30FPS in WoW.

    Use the WHQL 181.20 drivers; they are by far the most stable recent drivers. The 181.22 are bad for the GX2...
  7. Your problem is unlikely to be poor PCI-E bandwidth, it might slow the card down a little, but not by this much.
    Follow LIQUIDs` advice and tell us what happens.
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