Trying to free up space, Please Help me !

I had a pop up from windows and it said " Your windows drive has only 61 MB of free disk space available. This is a critically low amount of disk space. If you do free at least 200 MBs on this drive, System Restore may not be able to track or undo harmful changes to your computer. you can free even more disk space by removing programs that you do not use. .... and when I click ' Yes' to free up space, then it takes me to my control panel.
With that being said .........

I am trying to free up space disk on my computer, cause I am in very much need of space right now ! I was looking under the control panel for things I never use anymore. I have a few questions I hope some of you can answer and help me with. I dont know what some of the things under my ' Control Panel ' is , therefore want to ask you guys before removing it.

What is :
1) MSN Music Assistant
2) VIA/s3G Display Driver
3) InterVideo WinDVD 4
4) Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2
5) Facebook Plug-In ( I'm not sure why this is here, but I'm sure I could do without it, Right ?)

So folks... can I do without any of those I listed above ? Please, Please Help ! I really need it !! :cry:
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  1. you tried a Disk cleanup?

    Open My Computer, right click on the C: drive, and choose Properties. You should see a button "Disk Cleanup".

    You could also reduce you space set aside for the Temporary Internet Files under Internet Options in the Control Panel. 50 MB should be more than enough. You will find it under the Browsing History, click on Setting button.
  2. I went to : control panel, Internet Options, then clicked on settings under Browsing history. You know how it gives you an option to click on "View Files" ... well when I click on that it has a HUGH long list of things that say stuff and so on. The list just keeps going and going. I guess of websites I have went to. My question is ... Can I delete all of these ? Is it safe to ?
  3. After I did the disk cleanup, it had a check mark beside internet files , so I clicked yes to get rid of them, however when I go back to control panel, Internet Options, then clicked on settings under Browsing history, and click on "View Files" .. it still shows all that stuff saying and so on.
    SO.. I guess it didnt delete that ?
  4. What about the 'TEMP FILE ' ? I have 4 folders and 2 other things showing in the Temp file. Can these be deleted ? One of the folders in the temp file says 'presets" which is my presets to LR. I dont want to get rid of that if its not already stored somewhere else. Does that make sense ?
  5. Try Ccleaner:

    It has found 500 MB of junk (temp files, cookies, etc) on my PC and up to 2 GB on other computers. You can set it to search for what you like, you can even exclude some cookies (e.g. settings for website that you frequently visit).
    It is also a non-aggressive registry cleaner and has some other tools.
  6. If you have lots of music and photo's try getting rid of what you don't need or moving them to a flash drive or backup drive for storage. The same for old documents you may be keeping. You might also look into getting a drive upgrade.
  7. In the disk cleanup area go to advanced and delete system restore and shadow copies. If you updated the computer a lot of times windows automatically creates these.. I've cleaned 25 gb of data out of there before.

    But besides that listen to TheGrunger, CCleaner should help a lot.
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