Need new case, bottom mounted PSU confusion!

I'm looking to get a new case as my systems is overcrowded and hot since I added a couple more HDs and a GTX260. I've been looking at the Antec 300 and some others which all have the PSU mount at the bottom of the case.

Will my corsair 620 be OK to use in this configuration if I flip it upside down? The fan is on the underside of the PSU.
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  1. Yes your current PSU will be fine, just do like you stated and flip it over.
  2. Most decent cases with bottom-mount PSU's have an intake vent in the case. So a bottom-mounted PSU with the intake pointing down will pull outside air through the PSU.

    Also, whatever case you decide on, make sure it has dual mount screw holes for either configuration. (I wonder who on the ATX committee came up with the one offset PSU mount hole. Obviously not an engineer....)
  3. Thanks AdioKIP and croc, really appreciate the advice.
  4. I have the exact same psu. I have used it as a top mount and a bottom mount psu with fan mounted up and fan mounted down. Currently it's is installed in the bottom of my CoolerMaster HAF 932 case. The bottom of the case, directly below the psu, is perforated mesh. I mounted the psu fan down so it can pull in cool air from the outside and exhaust warm air out the back.

    IMPORTANT - I took a look at photos of the Antec 300 over at The Antec 300 DOES NOT have perforated mesh in the bottom panel, directly under the psu. DO NOT mount the psu with the fan down. You will be blocking air flow to the psu. Mount the psu FAN UP!

    You might want to consider the CoolerMaster 590 Centurion. It is tha same size at the Antec 300. It has perforated mesh in the bottom panel, directly below the psu:

    I built half a dozen pc's for friends using the 590 case. It comes with one 4-in-3 hard drive cage with a 120mm fan. You can purchase a second one with a 120mm fan if you want. That's what I did for my personal pc. I pulled the second 4-in-3 hard drive cage and installed it in my new HAF 932.
  5. Thanks for that Johnny, I've just ordered a CoolerMaster 590 :).
  6. ianucci - Just don't put your new pc case on a deep pile carpet. First problem is the carpet will block air flow. Second problem is dust. A few years ago I built myself a small pc stand with casters. My pc's always sat about 12 inches above the ground. The top of my CM 590 was just about level with the top of my pc desk.
  7. I always avoid putting my machine on the carpet, fortunately there is enough room on my desk for it.

    I ordered a couple of 120 mm fans so hopefully I should get a nice drop in temperatures. Considered getting another 4 in 3 cage just to space out my four hdds a little more, but cash is a bit tight at present. I think the drives will still be a lot better off than they are now though with that added fan on the cage.
  8. The antec cases do not have perforated bottoms but if you read the instructions they specifically say mount your PSU with the fan pointing up. This way the fan can still draw air. Depending on your confiruation if you have a video card in a bottom slot the PSU will actually help draw hot air from the card and blow it out the case like in my crossfire configuration.
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