I need help switching Video Cards (already purchased)

So here's a newb question for all you ridiculously knowledgeable computer geeks out there - I just bought a new graphics card. I had the 8800gtx, and now I have the ATI 4870 - I have never actually installed a video card before, and I'm not sure of the best way of going about switching the drivers from nVIDIA to ATI. Anyone got a few quick and easy steps to help me out?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I would start by un installing the nvidia drivers, (unless you plan on keeping the old card in for some reason) by going to the control panel, and selecting add/remove programs, and finding nvidia's control panel. Then go to www.ati.com and select download drivers, and select your card. from the menus. I would reccomend against using the driver that contains the catalyst control panel for normal (non overclocking) use.
  2. Again, this will sound like a moronic question, but...if I uninstall the nVIDIA drivers, does my nVIDIA card still work to display everything you're telling me to do? I'm assuming it will based on your advice, and if it does, that will be a huge help. (This guy doesn't need to be stumbling around in the BIOS messing things up...)
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