Trying to Format Secondary Hardrive

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I'm having some trouble formatting my secondary (E) Maxtor DiamondMax 21 STM3200820A 200GB 7200 RPM HD. I ordered Windows 7 the other day and am trying to clean it up before I install it on my primary (C) Western Digital Raptor 74GB SATA 10000RPM which currently has my OS on it. When I go to Computer Management > Disk Management I can see both drives but I can't format my (E). The only options I have when I right click are Open, Explore, Change Drive Letter and Paths, Properties, and Help. Same thing on my (C). When I look at the information for the two drives it says they are both Primary partitions. Under status for (C) it says "Healthy (Boot)" and for (E) it says "Healthy (System)." What does this mean? Am I going to have to just format both drives when I instal Windows 7? I understand that the Hard Drive needs to be unallocated to be formatted, but how can I do this? I'm just trying to format my (E) at this time.

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