Running Logisys Cold Cathode Dual Ring Fan without inverter/switch

Basically I bought a Logisys fan like this: It comes with this ugly little blue inverter box which then connects to a switch on a bracket, which splits off and connects to a 4 pin molex. Trick is I don’t want any of that. I just want to connect the rings directly to my power supply.

First off, is that even possible? If so, how do I do it?

You should be able to tell from photos but basically each of the two rings each has a 3 pin connector, both of which plug into one side of the inverter box. On the other side of the box is a single 2 pin plug which then goes into the switch and molex. I thought I could just use a 3 pin fan to molex adapter because that’s what the actual plastic bit looks like but the pins are different. See on the rings there’s a normal looking three pin plug but the pins/wires are on the first and third pin hole with nothing in the middle, while a normal fan would have it on the first and second with nothing on the third. Therefore when I try to go plug it into the 3 pin to molex adapter (with pins on first and second) I’m only actually connecting one of the two wires. Hope that makes sense..

So stupid of Logysis to make this so proprietary. That blue box is an eye sore and I just don’t need all the extra wiring.

At first I thought I’d just use the box and nix on the switch. Get some cord with a 2-pin male one side and 3-pin female on the other. Then get another wire that’s 3-pin male to molex.
But I dunno if the voltages are right or what.. I'm afraid I'm going to fry something.
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  1. Not to be an A-hole, but for future reference:

    Anyway according to those pictures it seems the fans comes with a 3-pin to molex converter that has nothing to do with the inverter box, just use that.
  2. It doesn't, unfortunately. The fan itself has a regular 3 pin fan plug (kinda hidden in the picture under the white 3 pin plug that belongs to the rings) and then further on down the end there's also a molex connector. I guess in case you don't have an extra fan plug on the motherboard you don't have to worry about an adapter. Then the other two three pin plugs you see (red and white) are off the actual cathode rings.

    I guess I could.. if someone knows how to move/remove pins I can change the adapter pins over to 1 and 3 to match the cathodes and hope nothing explodes.. It says they're 12v cathodes and fans are 12v so technically.. well logically it should work. I really don't know that much about wiring.
  3. Ah I see now, then the inverter is needed. All the cold cathodes I've ever used (getting into the 50+) have needed inverter boxes. My Recommendation is to get some sick looking stickers and put them on it. If you have an XFX GPU or MB you can call them up and ask for their "Play hard" insignia sticker that is reflective or UV reactive depending on your preferences.
  4. Okay, thanks :) I'll make do. I've already found a corner it becomes invisible in and I have some leftover silver colored model paint I can paint it with. You'd think a company that is into to case mods would know better than to use that color blue *shakes head*

    I've got Asus and Gigabyte going on inside. I'll see what stickers they have.
  5. Haha, Asus and Gigabyte if you have both stickers from them then people will think you are bi-polar. Anyway, if you ask nicely and put in that you just *might* sale computers they should be very forthcoming.
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