Hard Drive for my new Gaming Rig.

I will get Intel X25-M 80gb but need another drive for storage.

Looking for: Quality, Reliability, Longevity, Speed. (Preferably Western Digital)
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  1. WD Velociraptor 10k rpm is by far the best bet for performance... you didn't specify your price range tho.
  2. the best storage drive is the samsung spinpoint f3 1tb it's a recommended here at tom's
    it's much better than western digital it's high quality reliable beats the the velociraptor 300gig drive in some benchmarks
  3. +1 for the Samsung spinpoint F3 1TB.. If I've to give a second option, It'll be the Seagate 7200.12 1TB
  4. So the Samsung is a quality product?

    Ok, I read that it was great performance but does it have longevity as well?
  5. why not a faster harddrive like a 15000 RPM
  6. amreiss said:
    why not a faster harddrive like a 15000 RPM

    because it's a waste of money loud and an ssd would be a much better choice
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