Which one to choose: Seagate ST31500341AS, Seagate ST32000542AS, Western Digital

I need help... Confusing about which hard drive to buy for my windows 7 desktop. I want hard drive with capacity not smaller than 1.5 TB, or it'll be better if I'll find one 2 TB that will cost not more than 130$.
I want to run windows 7 on it, so it should be good for running of OS.
Here I found some hard drives and I don't know which one to buy:
Seagate ST31500341AS, Seagate ST32000542AS, Western Digital WD1501FASS, Western Digital WD15EARS, Western Digital WD20EARS, Hitachi HDS722020ALA330

I'll be very pleased if somebody will suggest me the best one.
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  1. hey guys... SOS!!!
    I'm about to buy a Western Digital WD1501FASS. Do you think this is the right choice?
  2. I'll recommend you to buy two separate hard drives.. One 500 GB for the OS+applications and another 1TB or higher for personal stuff such as music, movies, videos etc..
  3. Thank you Emperus for your advice!

    I think I will stay up with my Samsung HD502HJ (500gb/7200 rpm/16 mb cache) as an OS drive and will buy wd20ears(2tb western digital) for my music, videos and etc...

    Thanks again man!
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