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Thought it might be a good idea to share the undervolting capabilities of the 1055T. My figures will be a bit higher than those running their 1055T's at stock speed but this should give you an idea how overvolted they are at stock.

Here are my overclocked figures, speeds, and stock voltages at different P-States:

FSB: 250
NB/HT: 2000mhz
Memory: DDR3 1667 mhz 7-8-7-24 2T 40 1.6v

P4: 1000 mhz 1.225v
P3: 1875 mhz 1.275v
P2: 2750 mhz 1.325v
P1: 3500 mhz 1.375v
P0: 4000 mhz (turbo) 1.475v

Adjusted votlages via K10Stat and Prime 95 stability testing:

P4: 1000 mhz 0.7875v
P3: 1875 mhz 0.9625v
P2: 2750 mhz 1.1375v
P1: 3500 mhz 1.325v
P0: 4000 mhz 1.475v (can't test for stability so left voltage very high just in case)

I was able to originally test for stability at each P-State with the following values 0.75v, 0.925v, 1.1v, 1.3125v but could not remain stable when the clocks were adjusting themselves between P-States.

As you can see, stock speeds of 2800 mhz may only need about 1.1375v to 1.15v to run stable and I believe it is possible to boot 800 mhz at < 0.70v.

One thing I almost forgot to mention, the Prime 95 stability testing was done for 15 minutes with P-States 2-4 and for 1 hour with P1. I felt that the slower speeds needed less testing since the processor will not allow the lower P-States to operate at 100% without bumping up to the next P-State.

Finally, if anyone has any idea how I can test P0 for stability that would be great because I seriously doubt it needs 1.475v to run stable.
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  1. You test it by running 6 threads of P95, then click stop, deselect the option to stop all running threads, then pick 3 threads to stop.
    Or you can set core affinity.

    By the way, how did you happen to get the turbo voltage to change in K10stat? I set mine in the config, but whenever only 3 or less cores are in use, the turbo speed goes into effect, while voltage stays at the non turbo state, according to AOD and cpu-z.
    If I use PhenomMsrTweaker instead, the turbo voltage does change when it goes into turbo state (I don't use it since it crashes whenever I try to hibernate, and the next bootup it sets different and strange multipliers for each core, e.g. 2.4ghz on one core and 157mhz on another...).
  2. Hi,

    Sorry, I know this is an old thread. But since I have been having heat issues on one of my 1055Ts. I decided to undervolt at stock speeds (I found this post via Google).

    Anyway, I have been able to run stable (tested with the stess test in gamma cruncher and single threaded Pi's for turbo core) at 2800 MHz with 1.15v and a turbo core of 3300 MHz at 1.30v. This has lowered my temps by approx. 10 deg. C!

    I am quite happy now.... I'm in the middle of a really hot Australian summer... So temps were way too hot...
  3. in Oc 1055T just increase FSB 250 , get 3.5Ghz ...!
    Vcore auto or manual in 1.32v still , Vdim Still Auto

    test use IBT for Fast & for long time use P95
  4. I just made a chart to better understand the overclock / underclock.
    The underclock I'm testing is the green one.

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