Got some viruses, need some help

So I got some viruses or something last night and I tried to use Malwarebytes to fix it but it didn't get everything.

It then got a lot worse with some weird programs running in my processes and the inability to start most programs without a "XP Internet Security 2012" screnn popping up and saying that it blocked that program from connecting to the internet. It also gives two choices to either use the program to fix it or ignore it.

I used the DDS and GMER applications to get info on what happened but ti looks like you cant attach anything on this site.

Wondering what I should do from here.
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  1. So I followed the instructions in that guide and was able to run Malwarebytes again and get rid of a couple things.

    Now I restarted and there is still his program called ngokac.exe taking up a chunk of mem usage and then an internet explorer ad just popped up.

    Something is obviously not being picked up by Malwarebytes, is there anything else I can do to get rid of whatever this thing is?
  2. My desktop got a virus and now my laptop got this bloody XP Internet Security 2012 fake mad..

    Have you fixed your problem now? If yes, please tell me how you fixed it completely at last. Thanks a million! I really fed up with XP Internet Security 2012!!!

    I am thinking of removing it with some online tech support guys because I am far away from the town...LOL...
  3. Follow these instructions, including the activation keycodes to stop the false alerts:

    Then try Malwarebytes, Spybot Search and Destroy, SuperAntispyware, and Emsisoft Emergency Kit to try to remove the malware.

    A slightly different suggestion was offered on this site:

  4. You probably did find the solution to the problem on your computer, if you have no more popups and there are no traces remaining. I found another reference to the rogue security program and a suggested remedy here:

    All you can do is try one of those and see if it works. This rogue security program is actually a virus that is difficult to remove. Hopefully, one of the techniques described by different posters, including the one you posted, will work and you will have no further problems.

    It might be a good idea now to run Malwarebytes, Emsi Malaware, Emsi Antimalware, or a similar antimalware program, such as one of Microsoft's free programs -- Windows Defender, Security Essentials or Malware Scanner to remove any traces of the program, if any exists. Then run a registry cleaner, such as CCleaner.

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