Just booted for the very first time

I just finshed building my first pc. when I turned on power for the first time I got the black screen with all the system information. my motherboard is reconized as well as my memory, cpu, harddrive, however for my cd-rom is shows nothing..

here is how it reads, SATA1, harddrive..

My cd-rom is using the IDE cable and my hard drive is using a SATA cable.. Also it seems that the cd-rom drive has no power. I hit t he button and the tray does not open. Do I need to do something in the bios, or is something wrong..

I have a 700 watt OCZ power supply with a bunch of power connectors, Did I maybe plug it into one of the wrong plugs??

any help would be great.. I'm sooo close to getting this thing fired up
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  1. correct and I have one plugged in. I have 2 groups of wires coming out of my power supply with 3 molex connectors each. does it matter which one I use.

    This is what I was dreading. I have no idea what I'm doing in the BIOS, etc.

    I hit the F1 button and is what it says "media test failure, check cable" exiting nvidia boot agent, disc boot failure, insert disc and press enter.)

    this is what is on my screen right now.
  2. I called OCZ and the guy was super nice. H said it really didn't matter what molex connector I used. maybe I got a broken cd-rom. or maybe I have it on a wrong jumper setting.
  3. Unplug the cd rom and get into the BIOS. There are settings to enable or disable/enable the internal SATA and IDE devices. If you are using both SATA and IDE, you need both enabled in the BIOS. The settings are different depending on the board BIOS you are using, but there is usually a description next to the options that say what they do. Find the settings and chose the one that enables both SATA and IDE. You can google your boards BIOS to find the setting. You really can't hurt anything, you can always go back to default settings.
  4. thank you for the help. I got it figured out. My IDE cable wasn't fully seated.. So now when I boot everything is reconzied and the cd-rom seems to be working..

    here is my next issue that is driving me nuts. I got vista 64 OEM. I insert cd and it will load for about 2 mins. when it gets to the blue/green screen it stops.. there is nothing else on the screen and I have to turn off the PC to get rid of this..

    At this point I'm really regretting building my first PC. I though it would be fun and educational and it's becoming a nightmare. I'm getting the "I told you so" from the wife. :(

    here is what I got.

    780i mother board
    8 gigs of DDR2 RAM
    GTX280 CARD
    INTEL Q6700 CPU
    SEAGATE 720GIG harddrive..

    this is my first build, btw..how can I get vista to load. is my HD toast or is my cd-rom bad?? I really have no idea.
  5. What you are going through isn't uncommon. Most people have issues on their first few builds. This is how you learn. The learning is the fun but frustrating part.

    Are you now trying to install windows? What is the blue green screen you are seeing?
  6. Just be patient when Vista gets to the blue/green screen. After several minutes it should continue.
  7. thank you aford. basically when I turn on the comp I can either go to the bios or hit F1 to contiune. I install the vista cd and hit F1. then it will say windows in loading, it will load to be next screen were there is a long oval with a green counter (going from left to right repeatly) then it goes to a blue screen at that's it...... nothing more..

    I wish I could give more detail, but i'm computer stupid.

    does my hard drive need to be formatted or something?? I have been reading online for the past 3 hrs and I keep finding mixed stuff..
  8. I've waited for 15mins and nothing.. should I wait longer?? I do have the OEM version of vista....

    do you think it has anything to do with my hardware?? I have my cd-rom set on slave (IDE SLAVE) and my harddrive is SATA 1.... this is all new to me so I hope i'm coming off so you tech guru's can understand me...

    thanks for all the help so far!!
  9. Try going into the bios and changing the first boot device to cd rom. Then re-install windows.
  10. I did that... I 'm going to try again and wait longer... so no formatting of the HD is needed?
  11. re-installing windows can format the HD at the same time. You may want to check the cd for scratches, blow some air into the cd tray. Do you have the sata power and SATA data cable connected to the HD and board securely?
  12. What is the jumper setting on the cd rom?
  13. Sometimes Vista won't install with more than 2GB of RAM installed. I'd try installing Vista with just one stick of RAM installed. Does your Vista disk have SP1 integrated? What model of RAM do you have? You also might need to manually set the RAM timings and voltage to the manufacturers specs in the BIOS before installing Windows.
  14. jumper setting on the cd-rom is set on slave.

    I have no idea if I have the SP1 intergrated. I bought the OEM VISTA HOME PREMIUM 64 BIT from tiger.

    I have 4 sticks of the OCZ DDR2 RAM.. 8 GIGS TOTAL..

    Here is the ram I have.


    wow as I type this I got to the next vista screen,, hang on a sec :)

    now it's telling me to please wait.... it asked for language and stuff, then it said install now... so well see what happens
  15. You should be all set then.
  16. If there is only one device on the IDE side shouldn't that one be master?
  17. try removing 3 of the sticks of ram to bring your ram down to 2gb and then try installing vista (you can always put them back in later)
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