Adding a second SATA internal disk

second SATA storage not detected in bios
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  1. Need some additional information. What motherboard? Are you connecting to the SATA ports on the motherboard or to ports on a card? Can you tell if the drive is powering up? What make and model of hard drive? Which port are you connecting to on the motherboard/card?
  2. Could be a bad SATA cable or power cable or a bad SATA port. Can you try a known good drive and/or change ports. Also try the new drive in a different computer. Try to isolate the problem using known good items.
  3. Many thanks I solved it-sorry for poorly posing my questions. didnt know SATA disks have seperate data cables, after swapping the disk cable with mine, i figured the answer and got another data cable and an available port and everything just went.

    Thank you all for your contributions.
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