Hybird crossfire x

does anyone know what hybird crossfire is and how it works.

ive used intel for years but i have bought a new rig and its amd so i really have no clue how crossfire or amd works iam still wating for newegg to delivery the parts .i have an ati hd3000 that i would like to add to this system if possible

system setup is
asus mobo
1gb of ram
200 gb of hdd
dvd burner
amd athlon x2 2.6ghz
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  1. Hybrid crossfire requires a motherboard that supports it, without knowing what motherboard you have, I can't say if yours do support it or not.

    It entails you to use the onboard video GPU along with a discrete lower end GPU.

    Here is a quick glance at what hardware is used by Tom's editor: source <-- CLICK HERE for info

    The bottom line is it's not really worth the hassle, HD4770 or (if your on tight budget) HD4670 are under $100 and will blow away the hybrid crossfire performance.
  2. my motherboard supports it but i dont know how it works.well if you can explain a little about how will the perfomace will increase thanks
  3. i believe it works with only low 3000 series AMD cards and IGP motherboard? and just about any 4000 series would blow it away at the same price..? someone help me here. It isnt even worth it if you can get a decent 4000 series card. Pretty much the same with the Nvidia side..
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