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I am currently in the process of combining a coolit domino and a freezone, I have decided to use a T Line reservoir for now. My question is whether I can use a 1/4" T Line or is that too small, In order to go bigger I will end up with a heavy and bulky fitting setup to go to 3/8" or 1/2" T Line.

I plan on getting a swiftech reservoir in the future, so this solution only needs to last a couple of months. Thanks for the help.
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  1. The T line is more of a drainport/fillport than a res., and you don't really need a res. for a closed system like you are modding.

    If you feel you need to have more liquid , make the tube longer
  2. I know its not actually a reservoir, but it kind of acts like one, I am just worried the air is gonna have a hard enough time working its way out of the system, but then it has to drain up a 1/4" hose.
  3. Bleed while you fill and make sure the air is out of the system before putting it into service.
    I had that Tline around 8 inches long while filling and cut it down after all of the air was out of the system.
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