New system what part is broken?

I just build a new system a bit cheaper than I originally planned but it should get the job done for awhile
unfortunatly the video card will not turn on, there is no power out the usb ports directly on the motherboard, and the motherboard cpu fan out does not work but the motherboard power fan out does work

4gb 2 sticks of g skill ddr2-1066 ram
700 watt ocz gamexstream psu
zalman cpu cooler cant remember the model number
1tb wd hard drive
gtx 260 video card
gigabyte ga-ep45-ud3r motherboard

this is my first build, so i do not know an extreme amount about how everything should work such as should a video card power on when plugged into a power supply but not into the motherboard, if this is the case that means that the video card is faulty but the motherboard would be faulty as well for not having power to the rear usb ports, unless something else can cause that

any help would be really really appreciated
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  1. Check to see if you have the 4 pin cpu power plugged in. From the power supply there should be the 20/24 pin power to the board, a 4 pin power next to the cpu and probably a 4 or 6 pin plug into the video card. All 3 of those provide power and all need to be plugged in.
  2. I have the atx plugged in which is one 10x2 and one 2x2, but there is a 4x2 left open close to the cpu labeled 12v 2x4 is that what you are talking about because if so I have not plugged that in and everything I thought I read says you do one or the other, and even if this was the case wouldnt my usb ports in the back still provide power?
  3. Yes, that's the one. You have to have that plugged in on pretty much every board now days. Older/cheap boards didn't require it b/c the cpu got all the power through the board, but now the 4 pin next to the cpu provides the power directly. You're board isn't POSTing, so you won't have power from the USB ports. The pc has to POST before it will even see anything attatched to the USB ports.
  4. do I plug in the cpu 1 and cpu 2 power supply options so that it fills up all of the 4x2 or just one
  5. I feel for you.
    These things can get tough at times.
    There's not enough info for us to make a reasonable call.

    There should be a switch on the back of the power supply. Turn it off.

    Check to make sure the CPU, memory modules and video card you have are inserted and seated properly.
    Take the power supply connectors out and take a look at the terminals. See if they are placed properly and likely to make connection.
    Reconnect all of the power supply connectors to the motherboard and video card and make sure they are seated properly.
    Disconnect any drives or other devices other than the video card and memory at this time. All we are trying to do now is get to Bios.

    Turn the switch on on the back of the power supply.
    If this board has an LED, let us know if it comes on.
    Hit the on button
    Does the CPU fan come on?
    How long does the CPU fan come and does it stay on.
    If the CPU fan stays on, can you get to Bios by hitting the DEL key.

    Each system is a bit different, but this should be a good start.
  6. does a ford10 suggestion sound right to you? I just am afraid if i do that I will fry the psu so I would prefer some second opinions please
  7. board does have leds, six of them come on two red two yellow and two green I believe the owners manual says it indicates cpu load which makes me more unsure about plugging in the rest of those cpu power that ford talked about
  8. As I recall that board has an 8 pin connector, so I would say plug in both.
    Check your board documentation to be sure
  9. I would think the motherboard manual will give you an idea of what the LED, on or off, indication means.
    I take it you don't get a post screen?
    Well, time for me to hit the sack.
    I'll likely be able to take a look here tomorrow
  10. The 8-pin connector is the CPU power connector and the board will never post without power to the CPU. YES, you absolutely have to plug in the CPU power connector.
  11. ok well I took everything apart and reapplied the cooling grease whatever you call it, and just redid everything so that I know for sure everything is good to go, I plugged in the cpu power this time, I guess I just mis read the manual my freind advised me that I need not plug it in but i guess it is different on his I will report results in a couple
  12. everything works now thanks guys, saved me from mistakenly rma'ing a motherboard and being out a computer for a couple days
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