What would happen if i connect the WAN Port of my Wireless Router to the LAN port of it? Will it damage my router? I'm asking this because i get my internet and LAN on the same cable. To use the internet i need to put 10.8.x.x and for LAN (E.g Connecting to DC Hub or CS Server) i need ip 172.16.x.x. My Router can be assigned only one IP. So i can Use either Internet or Connect to those Server. We have Specific Static IPs for both. So i cant use any other IP too.

Its a Wireless Router that i use for two of my Computers via Wifi.

I was thinking of connecting the LAN Cable to the LAN port of the Router and set 1 PC wid IP 172.16.x.x for LAN. and Then connect another cable from WAN Port to the LAN Port of the Router that NATs 10.8.x.x IP to the WAN Port.
Before i had only 1 PC that i could set One Lan Card to both IPs in XP and had no Problem.
My Router: iBall Baton WRX054G
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  1. Unless either port has PoE, I don't think anything bad will happen if you do that. I also don't think what you propose will solve your problem, as you're leading the router back to itself, a connection it won't recognize.
  2. well i decided to go ahead wid it.. and it actually workd.. i know i waz connecting the router back to itself. but i found out that twaz the only way to use both IPs from the same cable.. My connection i did as follows.

    I get my Internet n LAN on the same cable. so i connected it onto the LAN port. so i cud connect to the LAN since it works likes a switch. I kept my pc IP as 172.x to stay onto the lan.. and i connected another cable from the WAN port of the router to the LAN port of the router. and the WAN is natd to my Internet IP 10.x. now both my pc connectz wireless to my router and gets net via the NAT becoz i gave them the ips and whc is the same class as the router. also 1 of the PC gets LAN since i gave it 172.x

    kinda confusing but it workd :D
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