How do I determine who manufactured my ATI Radeon 4870x2 graphics card

I purchased a used 4870x2 graphics card and was told it was manufatured by VisionTek. I cannot find VisionTek anywhere on the card. Both the housing and fan just have a plane ATI sticker. I was wanting to upload some drivers so I was trying to figure out who the manufacturer was before I actually installed the card.

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  1. Is there a part (not serial) number that you can google or something? 'figured I'd throw an idea out there'
  2. Shouldnt any ati drivers work? But yeah a serial number would help ya if ya google it maybe?
  3. Run GPU-Z
  4. download straight from ati, you dont need to know who made the card
  5. and does it not say on the box it came in
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