I'm trying to connect a harddrive to an external case. I'm having trouble and not sure if the case allows the type of harddrive I'm trying to connect; I.e. case is SATA and harddisk is IDE or visa versa.

Here's a link to a page showing the hardisk enclosure ports along with the harddisk ports.

Would somebody be able to tell me if they're compatable or incompatible.

thanks for your help guys

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  1. They should be compatible since both are SATA connections
  2. you're 100 percent sue that both are SATA? thanks for your help
  3. If you want a second opinion both the hard drive and the hardisk enclosure ports are both SATA 100%
  4. Yep-r-do!
  5. The ONLY source of confusion is that it appears your HDD had connectors to allow you to provide power EITHER from a standard SATA power connector OR from a 4-pin Molex type (never both simultaneously). When you plug it into the case, the latter simply will not be used - no problem.
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