unlocking cores indivually? and RAM timing?

what is a good benchmark when running it w/ amd overdrive? i have been overclocking recently and was told to check benchmarks. what numbers should i be getting... 7044 7092 today. just wondering what it means or if its good. also does anyone think having too much ram could make your pc slower or work harder. i had 4gb in mine and went 4 2gb =8gb. just wondering? im in the midst of learning how fine tune things for performance w/ out spending on upgrades.. i have my phenom x2 550 be at 3.5ghz w/ stock voltage passing 12hr of prime 95 so im looking to see what i can do next. ive yet to be successful w/ 4 cores and stability. anyone know how to fill me in on how to unlock the 3rd core and 4th core seperately.... so i can try to run a tricore? thx for help.

god bless
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  1. What benchmark are you using? As for unlocking & further overclocking set the core voltage to 1.5 (maximum 24/7 safe) and see what you can do then lower it as far as you can checking stability with Prime 95 or similar. How to unlock cores separately depends on the motherboard and should be a fairly obvious bios setting.
  2. I bought the same CPU for my son and matched it with a ASUS M4A78E. I tried to unlock all four cores but was only successful in getting one to unlock. The BIOS automagically determined which core(s) could be unlocked. When I set the BIOS to unlock the cores and restarted, the computer hung on power up and didn't reset on it's own. I held the power button in until it shut down, then I powered up again and when it started, it had unlocked one of the cores. It runs fine on 3 cores (now its a triple-cripple) and I can do it at default voltage. It didn't matter what I did though, I couldn't get the fourth to unlock (voltage, various other settings), so it must be very defective. I don't know if other boards are similar, but I imagine they would be. I never tried a software utility to unlock cores, nor do I use them in overclocking. Call me 'old school' but I like to get it done in the BIOS.
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