Water cooled cpu only?

does any one water cool just the cpu? or do most ppl go all out and do cpu, vid cards, chipsets, ram and every dam thing.
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  1. Most people only cool CPU. Only very few people cool GPU. Even less people cool north bridge and almost nobody cools RAM.
  2. /\ agreed. i cool cpu for overclocking...i will possibly cool vid cards because i can...and later mobo just to say i did =)

    anything beyond cpu and gpu is a bit much
  3. how is this system (low...low-mid...mid...low-high...high)

    mcr 220 qp dual 120mm radiator
    apogee xt block
    mcp655 pump
    mcres micro rev. 2 reservoir

    its a kit from swift tech (h20 220 ultima xt) that comes with all the tubing and liquid off there sight but its cheaper to buy it all separately.

    im not overclocking yet or water-cooling yet but i want to get all my info straight before i even think about it.
  4. What cpu do you plan on cooling, and what other components do you have in your system? We need to know so we can be sure to give you the best information we can.

  5. i would say the swiftech kits are about mid range in quality but it'll get the job done really well =)
  6. what would be in the "high" range?
  7. You can't find a kit in the high range.

    But the radiator would definitely be a dual layer triple fan rad, quad fan would be even higher and the fans would definitely be more fancy than the no name fans that comes in the swiftech kit.

    The swiftech isn't bad, they give a really high quality pump and CPU block. The res is a bit lacking but that doesn't impact performance. If you are just cooling CPU, that kit is actually pretty good. Not so much if you want the GPU in there as well.
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