Rate & find bottle neck build - 1st timer

Just Built for gaming:

CPU: C2D E8400 @ 3.0GHz & 1.25 Vcore
GPU: MSI HD4870 512mb open heatsink
RAM: Kingston DDR2 2x2GB 800 5-5-5-18
HDD1: Samsung SATA 3.5" 500GB
HDD2: Samsung USB 2.5" 320GB
HDD3: Hitachi USB 2.5" 80GB
Burner: Pioneer SATA DVR-216
PSU: Antec Neopower 650w Blue
Case: iCute S901 5G1 (mesh front ATX)
CPU Cooling: Zalman CNPS9500A LED
Case Fans: x1 25cm, 2x 12cm LED
LCD: Asus VK246H 24" & Acer 42" 1080i
Sound: Sony 800w 5.1 component HT
OS: XP SP3 32 bit

ambient: ~25C
idle CPU: 40C
load CPU: 50C
idle GPU: 55C
load GPU: 70C
idle HDD: 27C
load HDD: 37C

Crysis (very high) / Warhead (enthusiast) @ 1920x1200 2x AA ~18-20FPS

do i need to OC the CPU to see better frame rates or should i look at faster RAM?
please tell me the first thing i should be looking at upgrading in the future & rate the system, pics soon, thanks. :)
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  1. also my 25cm case fan has a small 3pin plug & a molex style plug coming off the same wires, ive connected one to the mobo & the other to the PSU, is this correct or do i only need one connected? theres no manual with the case.
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