Nvidia does it again!!...GTS 250

Since a few days this thing has been on my mind and I have to write it down for others to discuss...this is purely my opinion and i admit i can be wrong but to me it seems like this...and before anybody starts talking garbage i have an nvidia 9600gt for a long time in my sig and have been very pleased with it... but...here goes....

nvidia to me, it seem, is committing a fraud and making a fool out of customers who have limited knowledge in computer hardware and getting money by misleading novice customers ...

Like for instance naming the gtx260 and gtx260 core 216 as simply gtx260...now when a person looks at a review and in the charts it says gtx260 (when actually it is the gtx260 core-216 card) running better then lets say a 4870, he wants to buy it and looking at a cheap price on newegg, buys it, thinking he got such a nice deal, but he failed to realize that he got an inferior card which is the older and real gtx260 -192 core .....

similar is the case with the newer core g94 vs g92 on the 9600gso, nvidia quietly dropped half of the processors from 96 to 48 and increased 192 bit to 256bit without mentioning anywhere on the box or website .....leading to significantly worse performance ....check it out on newegg


...so in essence thats a fraud in my view b/c u r getting something different for your money without you knowing it...

I hope this doesnt go around too long as i read on expreview the upcoming super dooper GTS 250 is actually nothing new but a re badged 9800gtx+.....ok i can already see 15 year olds buying a GTS series card over the older 9800 series and paying a hefty premium.....but its just wrong in my view as nvidia is playing with its customers...other then that why the hell would u need a newer name for an old product.... can anybody give me a geniune reason

...ok no fighting now please
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  1. I couldn't agree more. The stupid little changes and renaming has got to stop. At the least they should print a FULL spec list on the box.
  2. You can't beat nvidia at what they do best. Fool consumers who don't read sites like Tom's and other tech sites.

    Rebranding is evil. I hope Amd/Ati doesn't step into it again and rebrands everything. But at least their naming system has been pretty clear lately, I like the 3xxx and 4xxx naming system.
  3. yea it is sad that such a good company is getting to such low levels of morality
  4. I could see noobs thinking "Core 216" is less powerful than a GTX 260.
    They would be much better off just calling it the GTX 270.
  5. lol njalterio..thats true :D
  6. Very true, but the first thing one should do when buying a new card is to study ALL video cards in the price range that you will be paying. Makes no sense just to go online and buy a card w/o doing your homework first. But I do agree, in times like these anyone and everyone is trying to get a fast penny.....
  7. I was hunting for a 9800gtx+ by the time I got my GTS 250, the first was out of stock and since I read both were quite similar and their prices were almost exactly I got the 1gb version of this rebranded crap.

    Now after a month of use and multiple issues of lock ups and freezes how I wish I had bought a 4850... curse Nvidia.

  8. I am using dual 250's in Sli and the work perfectly fine. What driver are you using?

    Looks like you have a wack driver or a faulty card.

    Post spec's to see what we are working with....
  9. @OvrClkr, this is the whole post bud:


    Still haven't found any direct solution for the problem, although I have not had any lock ups since past Friday... weird.

    Also I can't set GPU scaling on Nvidia Control Panel, right now I'm using the beta version of 186.24 on Win7 Ultimate.


  10. Ok as far as what you have explained its either 2 things.

    The driver that you are using is causing the artifacts / lines on screen


    Your video card has bad memory and needs to be replaced. Normally the artifacting is due to a driver issue. At the moment I am using 185.85 released April 30 2009 and I have not had one issue so far. Try this driver to see if it solves your problem..
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