SATA HDD not seen in BIOS

I realize I am not the only one with this type of problem, and i have been reading the similar threads but no solution has worked for me yet.

I am running xp. motherboard is a gigabyte ep45-ud3r i believe. SATA drive has OS on it, and is only hard drive in the system.

I recently changed keyboards from an older dusty one to a newer one. When i did this I foolishly left it up against something and it was hitting keys when I reset the computer. So on first boot, the keyboard was hitting all kinds of keys and made the system soundboard beep a bunch. Didn't think it was a big deal, has happened before.... However after fixing the keyboard, and resetting numerous times I could not post. Would stall at detecting IDE devices. So I flashed the cmos with a screwdriver.

Now it will detect IDE devices, namely my dvd-rom, but it cannot find my SATA hard drive. I have loaded optimized settings in the bios. I have enabled about anything I can see that says SATA in the bios. I tried switching the SATA settings between as IDE and as AHCI. I have tried new sata cables and power slots. Not sure where to go next here... System has been running fine for years and was until this AM. If I can offer any more information about the system or the problem please let me know. Thanks for reading.

In addition I have set the boot sequence to only hard disk, but the last message I see is something like "boot from cd/dvd: boot disk failure, press enter to retry"
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  1. I have a similar issue that my SATA hard drive will not be seen by the bios(just this one drive). However, I can "Make it show up" and use it with out issue if I do this:

    On another system D/L GPARTED and make a bootable CD.
    Boot to Gparted and check that the drive shows up.
    With out powering down re-boot the system. Use "log off" in Gparted
    See if the drive Is there now.

    This works on my drive and it will show in the Bios after every reset. However, if I power down(turn off) the system I have to do this all over again to get the Hard drive to be seen by the Bios again.
  2. I downloaded gparted-live-0.5.2-9.iso, and burned with nero. I have my BIOS setup to boot from cd drive, but nothing happens when i have the disc in there. It just sits at the prompt for boot from cd/dvd. I do appreciate the suggestion of course, do you think I have the wrong version of Gparted or something?
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