4870 vs gtx 260

what would be better two gtx 260 or two 4870 512mb?
resolution 1900x1200
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  1. What sort of system were u planning on getting?
    Imo id get 2 4870s with a Intel Chipset, but if its X58 then it doesnt matter.
    I believe CF scales better than SLI does atm, but dont take my word for it.
    Plus u can grab 4870s for $170 a piece. Pretty good if u ask me
  2. nvidia 780i motherboard
  3. Well i mean, was it i7 and X58 or 775

    I mean if u have a 780i, u cant exactly CF...
  4. well ive seen people do it...but i guess you cant im not sure
  5. Uve seen ppl have Crossfire on a Nvidia board :heink:
    :lol: :lol:
    That i have to see....lol
  6. lol dell actually does it
  7. really?!

    Crossfire on a Nvidia chipset?! :heink: wow
    Maybe they got a crossfire chip on their board idk, but its not possible
  8. What about the 4870 1 gb? It trades blows with the GTX 280 in some games (and loses to the GTX 260 in others). But from all the comparisons I've read, it seems the ATI cards are a better value right now (performance/cost). Anyway, just google 4870 1gb review, etc and you can see all types of perfomance comparisons.
  9. At your resolution the 896mb of Vram in the gtx260 should help. And if it's the newer Core216 (216 stream processors) model it's much faster than the 512mb 4870.
  10. If u want two 4870 .why u just buy one HD 4850X2 or 4870X2 (need a biger case )
    that alot better and performance Like u have two of HD 4850 or 4870
  11. The 2x4870 or the 4870X2 will outpower the GTX260 of course(if you can CF, but not on a 780i), but the 260 (216) is quite a bit better than the 4870 512mb and usually the 1gb version too. One thing about the GTX260 is it's a rather large card. It's 11 1/2" card I think, at any rate it's larger than my brother's 4870, and it comes quite close to my HD cage in my Antec 900, I understand why the power plugs are on the side now... I had to put the HD's in a different cage so the GTX260 would fit...
  12. AFAIK CF and SLI are only limited by software. You can get CF on an NVidia chipset if done right, and Dell may know how to do it right ;)
  13. Some boards support both SLi & CF. Its not CF on SLi board. eg: MSI Eclipse
  14. I wouldnt xfire or sli if you dont need to big hastle for little performance, dont xfire unless its a high end card, buy the single fastest card you can buy. Sounds like a 4870x2 or a gtx 295 is almost in your budget.
  15. Better get a GTX295.. it would be better in your case.. .
  16. lol he just mentioned he has 780i which is sli :D and most x58 do support sli and xfire.
  17. well i just cant see why you would want an nvidia motherboard
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