ASUS Rampage II Extreme and Win 7 64bit

Assempled my i7 920, Zalman 9900, 6gb Corsair 7-7-7-20, 2 x WD Raptor 76gb RAID0, XFX Nvidia295 and installed Win 7 64 bit OS... all works fine - EXCEPT the X-FI sound card is not recognized and therefore no sound available... no drivers can be found/located ?! is this a general problem or shall I be searching elsewhere ?
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  1. You can use a Vista x64 driver for your sound card. Unpack the driver to a folder and point 7 there from Device Manager
  2. its a normal problem that xp x64bit sp1 did have for me window7 still need some time to put it under my hand but am sure is away better than vista 64bit ultimate t.c all bye bye.
  3. After approx 5 weeks the MB was replaced under warrenty by ASUS they did not officially comment on the problem I had nor if it could be solved software wise - but it appears it was a matter of a hardware problem on the specific series of MB's - I received a new board with a different production number and haven't had a single problem or hick up ever since - and it scores better than the old one and stays cooler... which in my oppinion proves that the production series my first board came from had issues...
  4. Just go to and download them I have pretty much the same system as you win7 64bit and the same hardware their is a driver at least I remember their being one
  5. I just bought the same board from Newegg and got everything up and running. Works great. However, last night when I put in the sound card, Windows 7 didn't even blink that a new device had been added. I tried downloading the drivers from ASUS, but everything there says "this software is not compatible with your system".

    Question - when you physically installed the card, did Windows 7 64 bit even ask you for a driver? I'm wondering if I have the same problem.
  6. Hi, yes I believe windows indeed recognized a device being added - but as far as I recall Windows did not recognize exactly what kind of device was added - I then thought that with the right driver things would change and problem would be solved, however it did not, my first soundcard/sound addon card was not working as it should "out of the box" - this was however quite quickly replaced by the shop where I bought the motherboard and the new add on soundcard was immediately recognized and standard driver was loaded automatically by win7.
    I think you have a problem with your soundcard ! good luck :-)
  7. i can tell u win7 must read the sound card directly, but there's a problem between win7 64bit and creative drivers at least for now for me am stuck with my Vista 64bit sp2 for now.
  8. My original problem consisted solely of first an soundcard which was DOA (dead on arrival) and after approx. 2 weeks a defective motherboard... after soundcard and motherboard was replaced under warrenty everything works fine - INCLUDING driver for Win 7 64bit soundcard/x-fi....!
  9. Good to see your system working fine!
  10. saran008 said:
    Good to see your system working fine!

    Well, can tell you haven't read the entire post... as you can see it has turned into an "all issue concerning or involving an ASUS Rampage II Extreme and Win7 64bit" rather than what it was meant to be.... a request for others to report if they had experienced similar problems as I did when putting "the beast" together :-)
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