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Im sending fax using windows xp fax(service pack 3) from vb.net application. there is no issue with receiving the fax. while sending the fax its always(15 out of 20) giving error. I found the error code in log file is "0x00000009". if i try to send 17 pages of fax, sometime its sending only 13 pages then after error. if we use to send the same through normal fax machine its going fine without any error. iam using US Robotics modem (USB)
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  1. have you tried sending the same fax using the windows fax application rather than vb.net?

    I'm not familiar with vb error codes but the only thing I can think of is either you are getting buffer/memory overflow or there's some error in your vb.net program...
  2. Thanks for your valueable time to reply me.
    vb.net coding is nothing to do with that because its a gateway and just we are pushing from vb.net to windows console till that its reaching perfectly and from there sometimes its giving this error. your point also true about buffer/memory overflow. what is the solution for that and how to come out from this error. again im telling vb.net there is no error and even we can forget about vb.net coding also. we can only think of sending fax from windows xp and here sometimes we are getting transmission error and error code is 0x0000000c. can you please help me to sort out this issue.
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