Former External HD installed as Internal HD now shows as RAW! Help!

I have a Gateway GT5228 with two SATA II ports. Last night I took my WD3200AAJS that I was using as an external HD and installed it to the 2nd SATA II port. Vista is now EXTREMELY SLOW (about 10x slower) and if I try to access the drive from My Computer it freezes (Not Responding) and crashed Explorer. I opened Disk Management and the drive shows as RAW with 100% free space. How do I get the computer to recognize the drive correctly?
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  1. Try the disk drive in the caddy it came with, lots of WD caddies encrypt the partition table.
    If this is the case you will need to access it as an external drive, copy off everything you want to save, fit it to your computer then format it and put the data back on.

    If it still shows as RAW when in the caddy then your looking at data recovery to get anything back from it.
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