Some questions about raid card

I have some questions about raid card.

Use LSI MegaRAID® SAS 9260-8i raid card as a example.

There is only two connection ports on the raid card, and they provide two cables that can connect 8 SAS/SATA storages.
The document say it can connect "Maximum 32 drives per controller",
I want to know how can I connect more than 8 hard disks with this card.

Is that they say "Eight internal SATA+SAS ports" means they provide two cables which can connect 8 hard drives, but you can use other way to connect Maximum 32 drives?

The other question. I see host bus adapter has raid integrated , so what is the difference between host bus adapter and raid card. Are they the same?

I also know is SAS/SATA Expander's function only to connect more hard drives?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Probably require SAS Expanders, but this is a question for the manufacturer, I would start by asking them.
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