Computer issue. Please help.

My pc at times just beeeeeeeeeps spontaneously for a few seconds and stop. It 'beeps' usually when it is idling or when being used. It has been occurring for some time now and i do not know what the cause is.

specs; Intel q9300 cpu
8gb corsair ram
9600gt (in sli) graphics
850watt coolermaster psu
1tb hhd, etc.

What can is the solution for this 'spontaneous beeping'?? pls help!
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  1. Check you mobo web site and see if they give you any faults that correspond with the amount of beeps you hear.
  2. its sounds more like a scratch, and its not coming from the hdd. Nor my motherboard manual or the net describe anything about a beep. its a xfx 780i motherboard. hope this helps!
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