Limited to 1280x800

I got a new laptop (ASUS VX2SE, geforce 9500m gs, vista ultimate 32bit).
It supports hdmi output, dvi output and standard vga.

Connecting the laptop to a tv over hdmi to hdmi all works fine:
laptop tft: 1680xsomething
tv: 1920x1080 or something like that

Connecting the laptop to my apple cinema 30
over hdmi -> hdmi - DVI Converter - DVI
or directly in the dvi slot
i got only 1280x800 !! (the half of the accessable states, sounds like dualLink singleLink Problem :sweat: )

I know, i need dual link dvi..
Does my gcard support that? I cant find any documentation about it.
Why it wont work the hdmi way...

I updated my graphic drivers.
I tried up to ten different hdmi/DVI converter.
I tried powerstrip -> i got monochrom

My next steps are:
killing the monitor driver
boot with knoppix to see the states in the log files

Can sombody help me?
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  1. i've searched a bit more and it should work !!!


    What is the difference between DVI and HDMI?

    HDMI is DVI with the addition of:

    * Audio (up to 8-channels uncompressed)
    * Smaller Connector
    * Support for YUV Color Space
    * CEC (Consumer Electronics Control)
    * CEA-861B InfoFrames

    Q. Is HDMI backward compatible with DVI (Digital Visual Interface)?

    Yes, HDMI is fully backward compatible with DVI compliant devices. HDMI DTVs will display video received from existing DVI-equipped products, and DVI-equipped TVs will display video from HDMI sources. However, some older PCs with DVI are designed only to support computer monitors, not televisions. Consumers buying a PC with DVI should make sure that it specifically includes support for television formats and not just computer monitors.

    Also, consumers may want to confirm that the DVI interface supports High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP), as content that requires HDCP copy protection will require that both the HDMI and DVI devices support HDCP to properly view the video content.
  2. i tried renew the monitor driver
    no positive results

    Can anyone help me, please ?
  3. It might be an Apple thing....but, have you tried this monitor on any other desktop pcs?
    Does your laptop actually have a DVI connector on it?
    Does the monitor have a VGA connector on it?
    If so try using the VGA connector and it should work fine....
  4. It could be the way that your computer is reading the secondary display. Make sure that it's set up correctly. Sometimes I see that where I work, where people would have dual-display setups with a laptop and the bigger LCD will pretend to be the laptop display. Gotta mess with the settings a bit.

    Good luck ;)
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