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Is it s good idea to use a 42 or 47 inchs LCD(HD) TV like this or this as a replacement for LCD monitors ?

Since all HDTVs come with both HDMI and DVI support and all external graphics cards have DVI support so I think its a good idea to buy a 47 inches screen, It will look great :).

One of my colleagues told me that we should buy LCD monitor instead of LCD TV because monitors are designed with one thing in mind: close-contact to eyes while LCD TVs are not, so they are bad for eyes. What you people say ?

2nd, these 42 inches HD TVs offer 1080p of video with contrast ratios like 50000:1 (not available with LCD monitors at all) though they are 6-8 times more expansive than a typical 22 inches LCD monitor. I am not building a Linux box with HDTV, I don't have that amount of money but I was just intrigued by the idea so I am very much curious on this.
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  1. From my experience, TVs just don't like to be connected to computers.
    Every time i hook up a pc to a TV, the res is always wrong. I have tried through DVI, HDMI and VGA to no avail. I have a 52" 1080p at my work. The highest res we can muster is 1280 x 720. Any higher and the size of the picture gets smaller.


    so yeah, i wouldn't recommend it.
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