My comparison of DX9 and DX10

Hi all hope you are fine ;)

Well i thought i can make a little article about comparing DirectX9 and DirectX10 in games,so i decided to test 4 of todays intensive games.

Before getting started,let me say that i will write this in 2 posts since 1 post has limitations for number of pictures.

First of all here is my test system:

CPU:Intel Core2Quad Q600 @ 3.4GHZ cooled by ThermalTake V1 CPU cooler
RAM:4x1GB OCZ DDR2 800 RAMs with 4-4-4-15 timings
Motherboard:ASUS Maximus Formula X38
VGA:1xSapphire HD 4870X2 @ stock speeds
HDD:1xSeagate Barracuda 7200RPM with 32MB cache
OS:Windows VISTA 64bit ULTIMATE Edition with service pack 1
Monitor:LG W2452V with 1920x1200 resolution

CRYSIS WARHEAD(First mission)

Setting used:
Rather that setting everything to enthusiast level,i downloaded a costume config which enables ultra high quality with FPS increase,which is better than the games default enthusiast settings.
Resolution was set at 1920x1200 with 0xAA.

First scene with DX9:

First scene with DX10:

As you see the difference between these 2 scenes isnt much,in the DX10 one,the light coming out of the trees is more realistic.

In DX9 i got 56 FPS and in DX10 i got 51 FPS.

Second scene with DX9:

Second scene with DX10:

Again in these scene the difference isnt much,the lightning in DX10 is more brighter and a little more realistic.

In DX9 i got 43 FPS and in DX10 i got 32 FPS.

Third scene with DX9:

Third scene with DX10:

In this scene,the water waves in DX10 look a little better than DX9 and as expected the lightning is better in DX10 mode.

In DX9 i got 74 FPS and in DX10 i got 52 FPS.

Final scene with DX9:

Final scene with DX10:

In this scene in DX10 mode,the colors look a little more natural than DX9.

In DX9 i got 35 FPS and in DX10 i got 30 FPS.

So as you see the difference between DX9 and DX10 is more in Water waves and lightning and in terms of gameplay,DX9 ran smoother than DX10 and as you see the FPS in DX9 mode is more than DX10 and sometimes its like 11(Scene 2) and sometimes even 22(Scene 3) and in some areas the difference isnt much(like the first and the last scene).

So this was for Crysis Warhead,now lets head for "World in Conflict" game.

World in conflict

Settings used:
Max quality(with 0xAA and 16xAF)

First i ran the games benchmark tool and here are the results:

Minimum:25 FPS
Average:48 FPS
Maximum: 108 FPS

Minimum:23 FPS
Average:44 FPS
Maximum: 103 FPS

As you see the FPS difference between DX10 and DX9 isnt much in this game.

For finding out the difference between DX9 and DX10 in terms of image quality i took a screen shot from the first level.



In DX9 i got 50 and in DX10 i got 40.

As you see in DX10 mode,again the lightning looks more real, and the shadows(on 2 tanks below) look better in DX10,also the smoke looks better too,overall DX10 looks more natural in this game.
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  1. FarCry 2

    Settings used:
    Maximum quality(with 0xAA)

    I first ran the benchmark tool with 3 loops and here are the resuls:

    Minimum:51.91 FPS
    Average:67.34 FPS
    Maximum:86.69 FPS

    Minimum:41.36 FPS
    Average: 61.71 FPS
    Maximum:94.77 FPS

    This numbers surprised me,because the max FPS of DX10 was more than DX9 but in average it got less frames per second.

    I again played the game and compared some scenes.

    Scene 1 DX9:

    Scene 2 DX10:

    In DX9 i got 67 FPS and in DX10 i got 50 FPS.

    The difference is barely noticeable in these 2 pics,in DX10 mode the pictures looks a little more realistic than DX9.

    Scene 2 DX9:

    Scene 2 DX10:

    In both scenes i got 68 FPS.

    As you see the sun rays look better in DX10 and again the scene looks more natural too.
    I was happy to get the same FPS in this scene,because in all of the games i tested,DX9 scored higher,but in this game,in some scenes the FPS was the same.

    And finally STALKER:ClearSky

    Settings used:
    Max quality(0xAA and max AF)

    Before posting the results,i have to add that i used Patch V1.5.07 of this game which enables DX10.1 and also removes some bugs and FPS increase too.




    In DX9 i got 55 FPS,in DX10 i got 50 and in DX10.1 i got 49 FPS.

    Between DX9 and DX10,the difference isnt only the sun rays,as you see there are some effects on windows too(in DX10 mode) which arent in DX9 mode.

    And between DX10 and DX 10.1,the difference is actually nothing noticeable and its normal since the FPS difference isnt much(1FPS difference).

    When i finished taking screenshots of the games,i looked at all of them carefully and found out that overall in most games the difference between DX9 and DX10 isnt much,DX10 makes the game look more real(better lightning quality,more natural colours.....)and i said in all games DX9 FPS was higher than DX10 except for FarCry2 in which DX10 FPS was equal and even higher in some cases too.

    So i hope you enjoyed this little review :)
  2. Thanks for the article ; It has taken quite a lot of your time for sure :)

    Well, I'm not so much into testing and benchmarking and stuff so there's a strong chance that I might have been wrong ... but the least I expected from DX10 was higher FPS :D ... but then again what do I know eh?

    Thanks again for the comparison :)
  3. thanks mate :)
  4. So no other comments ?
  5. Oh what a nice topic!
    I knew a little about difference about DX9 & DX10 but this topic was really useful.
    Companies work a lot on DX10 & at first when it had came out everyone thaught it will be a big BOMB but it does'nt have noticeable difference as U said.
    THX Maziar 4 this topic.
    I'm also Iranian & I'm happy 4 this.
  6. DX10:
    Average:41.36 FPS

    Your maths makes no sense :p
  7. There really isnt a big difference so i will for now stay with xp and dx9
    with my 4850
  8. thanks :)
    katamarino,sorry i typed it wrong :D i will fix it
    its 41.36 for minimum,61.71 on average and 94.77 max.
    thanks for headsup :)
  9. Very useful. Thanks for your hard work.
  10. thanks mate :)
  11. Good Work....
    I've some doubt about Dx10.1.

    From AMD website, i found this:

    So, why this does'nt make any difference while you played in Dx10.1.

    Also, i've heard that, initial version of Assasins Creed(Dx10.1) plays better in Dx10.1 cards than those come pre-patched.
  12. Thanks mate :)
    Well games are different from each other,in STALKER CS i didnt see a noticeable difference and as you see the FPS difference is only 1 too.I havent tested Assasin creed in DX10.1
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