Need help overclocking my AMD 64 X 2

I have a ASRock N61P-S Motherboard, an AMD 64 X 2 5200+ with 2 sticks of ddr2 ram thats 1 gig each with onboard NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430
I got a program with my motherboard called OC Tuner. and right now voltage control setting are at CPU: 1.3000 CHIPSET: 1.25 DRAM: 1.85 And the OC tab setting are CPU Frequency: 201 PCIE Frequency: 100 CPU Multiplier: 13.5 Now what im asking is whats the best setting or i guess whats the best performance settings that i can put in that wont fry anything?
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  1. It depends on you processor fan and board theres no definite good setting. You need to increase the CPU frequency in small steps each time testing the stability with Prime 95 or similar untill it becomes unstable or the temps become too high. If it becomes unstable you can up the voltage to make it stable again and continue until either you get very little gains, the temp becomes too high or the voltage is too high.
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