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I'm going to try to be as specific as possible:

I have hooked up ALMOST every component of my new computer. This is what's been done:

-CPU Installed w/thermal paste
-HSF Installed w/retention bracket
-HSF Plugged In
-Standoffs put in case, checked, and re-checked
-IO Shield put in place and check/re-check
-Motherboard was placed in the case and screwed down (IO Shield seems slightly pushed out of the case but nothing severe. I checked/re-checked if it was flat and the standoffs, I guess I'll live with this. Not all of the tabs touch the ports but that's not a big problem.)
-PSU Installed but not 100% done with plugging stuff in
-GPU Installed and mostly plugged in
-HDD Installed and plugged in
-CD/DVD Burner is plugged in
-Power Switch/USB 2.0/Reset Switch from case plugged in

I'm almost ready to start this bad boy up. I have just a couple more questions before I do so.

I was greatly intimidated when I saw all of the cords with the PSU. It is the Corsair 750W. I am only using 1 of the 3 PCI-E 8 plugs which goes into the GPU. There are two of those that are unused and there are also two unused Molar Connector strands.

I have six fans that need to be plugged in total (not counting the CPU Fan which is already plugged in) where do I plug all six of these fans? Do I plug them into the two unused Molar Strands, and if so at the end of the strands there's a four pronged connector. Where would that go?

Once I get the fans hooked up the only thing left would be to plug in the Audio Panel plugs from the case, to finish installing the GPU (next question), and to manage the cables better (will do once I make sure the PC will turn on and run).

The GPU came with some extra cables. One of which said it was recommended to use for the GPU to run smoothly. I has a six pronged end which goes directly into the GPU and two 3 Pronged molar connectors that come out. These will only fit onto the strands of from the PSU but at the end there's a four pronged plug that I'm not sure where to pug. It fits into the socket labeled SYS_FAN2 but I'm not sure if it goes there.

I'm almost done and any help would be greatly appreciated! I've hit a lot of bumps in the road but I've learned a lot.
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  1. If the case fans have Molex connectors and the small mobo header connectors then you can plug them into the mobo or PSU directly. If they only have the Molex connectors then you must plug them into the PSU. Any Molex will do, they draw almost no current/wattage (power). The small 4 pin connector on the end of the Molex cables is the floppy drive power connector. Tuck all unused connectors away.

    The video card should be plugged into the PSU directly and the cables that came with it should not be used. Those cable adapters are for PSUs that don't have PCIe power connectors and need them to convert the Molex to PCIe.
  2. Thanks for the speedy reply.

    There was another cable that came with it that said it would be a risk to use. I'm not using that one. The plug that goes from the GPU to PSU is the one with two Molex Connectors. There was another very small plug that game with the GPU that I don't think I need to use. It looks like the power button plug (for size/shape comparison) on both ends.

    The fans do have a plug that can be directly put into the Mobo but there aren't 6 plugs on the mobo (that I know of) for fans. They are 3-pin connectors.

    So should I just plug them into the Molex connectors out of the PSU and run them all that way?
  3. I've plugged two of the fans into the MOBO so I could have better cable management in the case. The others are in the Molex Connectors.

    The only thing left to do is to install the front panel audio cables and the SATA Bracket BUT this brings two more questions

    1) I have no use for the External SATA Bracket so can I just not install this and tuck the front panel wire aside?

    2) The front panel audio cables has two major cables named AC' 97 and HD Audio. Then there's a around 7 little single cables. Should I plug in just the HD Audio, just the AC' 97 or the bunch of little cables?

    Thanks in advance!
  4. Ok it's time, give me the model of the case, mobo and PSU.

    The front panel connections need to be made. power switch, reset switch, power LED and HD LED. there is only polarity on the LEDs. If they are backwards they won't light so just flip then around.

    You don't need to plug in the eSATA unless you are using it.
  5. The VGA model as well. Links to Newegg etc. would alo be helpful.
  6. Case: NZXT Tempest
    Motherboard: Gigabyte-UD3P P45
    PSU: E8500

    I have already connected the power switch, reset switch, and HDD LED. There was another wire in that same grouping that went into a Molex Connector which could have been the Power LED.

    With the audio plug grouping with the bunch of little single connectors they say things like: Mic-In, Ground, R-Out, etc... But instead of plugging each single one in the other two (AC' 97 & HD Audio) fill up the whole plug.
  7. I believe you only want the AC97. Are you reading the manuals? It's important.

    Give me a few minutes to sort this out.
  8. Zorg said:
    Are you reading the manuals? It's important.

    +1 :lol:

    It always amazes me how many people jump into their first build without even taking the manual out of the box. It lays everything out pretty clearly.

    It also seems the OP is still trying to use the adapter that came with the GPU. The PSU will have all the cables you need to plug directly into the GPU. You don't need to use the 2 molex to 6-pin adapter. Just use the 6-pin plug from the PSU. Like Zorg said, you shouldn't need to use any of the power cables that came in the GPU box.
  9. On the 6-pin to two molex adapter box it said it was recommended to use. I've been reading the manuals the whole time, even before I started.

    So should I plug one 8-pin PSU cable into the GPU and another 6-pin? There's a 6 and 8 pin slot.
  10. Yes, the PSU will have both a 6-pin and 8-pin connector. Use both of those and put that adapter back in the GPU box.
  11. Yeah, use both 8 & 6 pin.

    The molex for the case is for the case lights.

    Did you plug in the front USB to the mobo headers?

    Stick with the AC97.

    5-2 Configuring Audio Input and Output -- P109 on the PDF

    C. Activating an AC'97 Front Panel Audio Module:
    If your chassis provides an AC'97 front panel audio
    module, to activate the AC'97 functionality, click the
    tool icon on the Audio I/O tab. On the Connector
    Settings box, select the Disable front panel jack
    detection check box. Click OK to complete.
  12. Okay, thanks.

    Yes I did plug the Case USB to the MOBO 2.0 port. I was reading through the manual again and it says that an S/PDIF digital audio cable can be used. The GTX280 that I bought came with one. Should I use it?

    I just googled AC '97 and HD Audio and a lot of people seem to prefer HD Audio? What's your reason for backing the AC' 97?
  13. Easier. If you are plugging in high end equipment then go HD, just be careful to get the connections right. Or try both and see if you can tell the difference.

    I haven't dealt with the VGA S/PDIF out. You will need to have equipment that will take S/PDIF in, obviously. I only had one dealing with that on an HD4850. I had a problems with the CCC installing properly and was on limited time so I used the mobo S/PDIF out.
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