Booting to welcome screen then "no video input" and reboots

Pc was switched off during shut down and now it boots up to "windows was not shut down properly" giving the option to boot in safe mode but the cursor wont move. Tried going into boot options and the cursor will move fine in there, so tried different boot sequences but no change. Still boots and shuttsdown and boots and shutsdown.

Any suggestions apart from a reinstall?
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  1. if you can't work the boot options menu the reinstall is the only option.
  2. thanks but i happen to disagree! :)

    I found that if i removed the drive and plugged it into my win 7 pc it ran chkdsk on the drive on boot up and repaired teh faulty boot sectors. Problem fixed.

    Also i guess i could have used rescue disks but it doesnt have a floppy drive...Just thought i would post just in case any one has a similar error.
  3. well duh, i was only thinking about how to solve the problem using 1 computer.
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