Need help with stock AMD Phenom II 965 Cooler

Hello all. Just built a computer using Phenom II 965BE on a Gigabyte mobo. I installed the stock AVC cooler and it seems to work great. however it is just so loud when under load. I'm at stock speeds, no OC or anything like that.

When idle or surfing the net, it's not too loud. The temp remains around 39-41C. The fan spins around 2000-2500, which isn't too bad.

As soon as I get into a game (Starcraft 2), all hell breaks loose. The fan starts speeding up as expected, but it doesn't stop, it keeps spinning faster and faster. The temp goes to max of 45C, which is great and all, but this thing sounds louder than my dishwasher. The fan spins up to almost 5500 RPM! That's crazy, I thought the max RPM on this thing was 4500 or something like that. This can't be normal, I can hear this computer in the next room over 30 feet down the hallway. If I alt tab out of the game, the fan instantly slows down to 4500 RPM (Which is still pretty loud), but then goes right back up to 5500rpm when I get back into it. Can anyone tell me that this is normal?

Going into Bios, I set the thing so the fan speed is fixed at its fastest speed, so it spins at 2500 rpm I believe. It's not too bad, I can live with it. But when I get into the game, the same thing happens. The fan starts going beyond all the way up to 5500rpm. Why does this happen? I thought the fan was at a fixed setting, yet it starts speeding up to 5500 rpm. Is something wrong with my fan? Or is my CPU instantly overheating on load causing the fan to kick in at its max speed to cool it down? I'm at a loss. Keep in mind my temps never go over 45C.

Any help appreciated, thanks!
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  1. My stock 965BE heatsink/fan did the same thing, was quite loud and would rev up to over/around 5000rpm even tho my temps were hardly ever above 50*C. I switched to my old Spin Q trying to delay hearing loss until something more substantial can be ordered.
  2. One reason why probably 90% of the members buy aftermarket coolers.
  3. Press on it in its center it reseats the bearings and will hopefully calm it down.

    Also check to see what RPM it's running at. Mine was up to 7000 RPM and would just SCREAM. Adding more airflow and using IC Diamond 24 TIM brought my temps low enough that now it's at about 2100 RPM and I can't hear it at all.

    Food for thought. The HSF runs as fast as it feels it needs to to keep your temps lower. Either help it along or replace it with a bigger aftermarket HSF that has a much larger diameter fan and fins that can disipate heat wth less rotations, thereby lowering the RPMs and dBs. Make sense?
  4. The stock fan does a decent job cooling, but yeah, it's damn loud. I replaced mine.

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  5. I never even tried using the Stock Heatsink. Nope I use my 92mm Xigmatek :D
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