Pretty Nice Budget System For $650

Saw this on New Egg Gateway FX542S for $650 with code: EMCABAHAH

Price seems lower then anything you could build yourself especially when you consider the free OS and warranty. Cons I could see are 4x1GB ram and the GPU ain't anthing special but should be fine most users.
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  1. I couldn't agree more! I just ordered one. Could not find any reviews online at all. Gateway's website doesn't acknowledge it's existence. It is an ECS motherboard and an older nvidia chipset but for the price, and warranty, windows Vista HP 64bit, yeah. For a pre-build computer at this price range it can't be beat. I searched online for 3 days with a budget of 700 and this was it! Nothing else had a reasonable gaming card and vista 64bit edition at this price.
  2. No.

    680i chipset
    no-name 700W PSU
    proprietary parts
    $730, but all quality parts.
  3. ^+1 Proximon
    nice comp for all around gaming :wahoo:
  4. Your comparing apples to oranges. Build a rig with the same quad proc, include a Vista license, and add a 1 year warranty on each part. Then while your at it factor in all the hours it takes to build the rig, install the OS, and the potential headaches if you get a bad part or something goes wrong.

    $650 shipped for a good computer at a bargin price, discontinued item now so if you jumped on it congrats.
  5. Or comparing real apples to fake decorative apples. They may look the same on a specs list, but proprietary parts and knock-off power supplies add up to blue screens of death, random crashes, and other hardware failures.

    And I'd rather spend two hours building and testing my own system than spend two hours trying to figure out how to get the dad gum hard drive out because HP/Dell/Gateway decided to make their case impossible to work with.
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