1055T: Stuck at 3.598 GHz stable

Hello, I need some help overclocking my processor here...Well, I'm fine with nearly 3.6 GHz but would always like to be part of the 4.0 GHz club

Before we start, the specs of my computer are in my signature and the memory is actually running at (and I can't believe it) 1733 MHz 7-8-7-24-33 1T (XMP rating is 7-8-7-24-40 2T). Anyway, my cpu settings are as follows:

FSB: 257 X14.0
Turbo: Off
Cool N' Quiet: On
C1E: On (Made no difference if I turn this off or CNQ off)
CPU VDD: Stock 1.375
CPU NB VDD: Stock 1.15
CPU Voltage: Stock 1.375 but creeps up to 1.45 in Prime95
CPU NB Voltage: Stock
NB/HT Speed: 2056 MHz X 8
DRAM Voltage: 1.6

I am running a Hyper 212+ with two GT 1450 rpm fans in push/pull and core temp shows under load about 51-52 C but the processor temperature in PC Wizard and TMPIN0 in AMD Overdrive shows 60 C. I know this is the temperature I should worry about, but I am stumped as to why it is running at 60 C in Prime95 with a push/pull Hyper 212 and Antec Silver 5 compound when others are running 4.0 GHz with no heat issues and more voltage (apparently).

I have even re-applied the thermal paste and dropped my temps about 3 degrees since I didn't cover the area adequately the first time (first time using HDT cooler). So, basically I must run at 1.45 volts to keep a 3.598 GHz overclock stable in Prime95 and 3dMark Vantage.

I can boot at 4.0 GHz no problem but crash when I begin Prime95 and was able to run 3.705 GHz with 285 FSB and 13x multiplier for 1 hour and 10 minutes in Prime95 but crashed when I ran the AI CPU test in 3dMark Vantage. Even then, dropping slowly down to 3.6 GHz I was unable to complete 3dMark Vantage's AI test until I hit this speed, despite any voltage increases.

What's up with my overclock or have I reached the safe limit?
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  1. every sample is different - dont expect yours to overclock and be the same as someone elses
  2. I have the solution for you

    Turbo: Off
    Cool N Quiet: Off
    C1E: Off

    vcore: 1.45
    NB voltage: +0.1000 (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT)

    I think mine is at 1.26V

    you NEED to increase the NB voltage

    NB: 1600 Mhz
    HT: 1600 Mhz
    RAM: 1055 Mhz (if it's a 1333Mhz ram)

    the RAM, NB, and HT speed NEED TO BE DOWNCLOCKED in order to achieve 4.0Ghz

    I have 1055T running 100% of the time at 4.0Ghz, stable, all 6 cores

    I was unable to have a stable chip without raising the voltage at the North Bridge (NB)
  3. Please read

    COMPLETE GUIDE: How to overclock AMD Phenom II X6 to 4.0Ghz

    There is the complete guide with all the values
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