HELP : Building NAS [FreeNAS]

Hey guys, this is my first post here. I found great topics on this forum, but wanted to clarify few things on what I am trying to implement.

Features I Want:
- uPnP Video Streaming to TV's [Most Important. What can I do to maximize performance so that simultaneous streaming to more than 1 TV would be smooth.]
- File Sharing & Backup of computers on Network [Completely Manual,I think I dont even had to write this. Still..I thought to clarify]
- Remote Access

I have following hardware already with me,
Motherboard : Intel ATX G965RYCK

Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo E4300

RAM : 1 GB DDR2 800


USB Drive/Compact Flash Drive : Just to load FreeNAS. I can manage that. Still, if you want to suggest one.

HDDs : 1) Which Filesystem? Recently read about ZFS. But, as I want to use this system mostly for streaming. & the computers on the network would be mostly Windows PC's and 'very rarely' Mac. I think its not possible, right? I saw on FreeNAS tutorial which uses UFS. I wanted to ask whether thats compatible with filesystems NTFS, EXT3, or Mac file system etc.

2) H/w or s/w RAID & Which RAID Implementation? I want totally 2TB of space. I dont know whether to go for single drive, 2 or 4.

3) Confused whether to go for WD Cavier Green

Router : Wireless for sure. But, not sure to go with Wireless-N or Wireless-G.This is the most crucial part of my setup. I feel everything would go in vain if the network is only the bottleneck.What approximate data transfer speeds can I expect with each of 'em, if anyone has any idea.

I'd appreciate if you can think of something important that would increase system's performance.
Please do correct me if I am going conceptually wrong somewhere.
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  1. I just wanted to add this to help on RAID suggestion,

    Data is not extremely critical. Mainly movies & music. Though it would not be catastrophic, I'd not like to lose it.
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