I need the manual for the IWILL kk266 plus

Can somebody help me to find the manual for the motherboard IWILL KK226 Plus. I'm looking on line but i can't find it. My email is
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  1. I did a search for you and I see your point, their website is horrible. I did a Tom's search and got a few hits on IWILL kk266 plus, see link below. Contact the member's who has this board and see if they can upload the user manual for you, sorry I couldn't find it and good luck.
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    is this what your lookin for? it seemed to take for ever to load up but i was able to get the pdf and read it ..hope that helps
  3. You're good pont, real good.
  4. hey pont, I an't open the website with the pdf file. what's wrong??
  5. I got it!!!! thanks!!! you are great my friend!!!. Thanks for the manual. Now i wanna know where can i get the update for the iwill kk226 plus BIOS, the problem is that i put a new hard disk (250gb) but the system is showing 136 gb. Do you know a good web site with the upgrade for this BIOS.

    I appreciate your help my bro.
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