First Boot Up - HELP


Gigabyte UD3P
Corsair 750W
G.SKILL 4GB Memory
NZXT Tempest
WD Black Caviar 640GB HDD
Samsung DVD/CD Burner

I booted up the system for the first time and have a problem.

*The monitor does not display anything. I was using a DVI cord and changed it to a VGA but no difference.

*The CPU Fan WONT spin. It's securely plugged in and it's the only fan not working.

*The Phase LED has all 6 lights on when I start it up.

I'm in panic mode right now and any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Update* The GPU fan is also not spinning. All of the cords are secured tightly as well.
  2. What G.Skill memory and what video card?
  3. G.SKILL DDR2 800

    *FIXED* I made a noob mistake. I didn't plug in the 8-pin power connector on the mobo. The CPU Fan now spins, the GPU Fan spins, and the computer starts up!!!!!!

    The only question left is there is an empty port on my HDD and CD/DVD Burner drives. It is 8-pronged. I currently have a SATA cable running into each of them and they are connected into the PSU. Am I missing an 8-pin plug or are the other two all I need?
  4. You can connect a single power cable to your SATA drives (SATA or Molex). If you connect both, the drives could be damaged. Those units probably are a few years old. Newer drives only have a SATA power connector and a SATA I/O connector.
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