Hp 9650f / eSATA problem- exchange? return?

I just got the HP Pavilion Elite 9650f.

Overall happy with the comp. I have one issue: the eSata ports do not work with my Vantec enclosure. I've now called HP tech and customer service and issued an exchange request. I have untill Monday to cancel it.

Mobo w/ eSata ports: Pegatron (a relatively unknown?)
i7 920 CPU
Enclosure: Vantec Nexstar 3
Drive in the Vantec: WD Caviar Black, 1TB
OS: Windows 64bit

The drive IS picked up when using:
1. USB (plug and play)
2. bracket that came with Vantec enclosure (plugged into board SATA -> eSata adapter), the driver even loaded as WD. Note that I could just use this bracket forever, but figure well I bought it with the esata ports, they should work.

The drive is NOT picked up when using the eSATA ports in the back of the machine.

HP's answer: This is our newest line, and there have been no reports about this issue yet because not many people have eSata. It may be the ports, may be the drive+ports being picky together.

Besides testing with a new enclosure to see if the ports are working, any other ideas? (Its too late to get one overnighted by Amazon). Would you exchange at this point?

Can I zip out to Best Buy to get a quick other esata device to test with?

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  1. I'd get another eSata device (loan one, don't buy it) and see if it works with the port. If not, return!
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