AMD Athlon 64 processor 3000+ Temperature

I am looking to overclock my processor and have read up that it is a good processor to be overclocked. This is something I dont want to rush into however and temperature is obviously a serious risk.

My problem is when I use programs to measure the heat of my CPU it does not give an accurate reading and can be very sporadic in what it tells me.

I've tried AIDA32 and currently 'speedfan'. on AIDA32, my CPU temperature can read out from 54Degree's to 24Degree's to 2Degree's(!?) celcius. These vast changes in temperature readings change within a matter of seconds, in under a minute of just surfing in firefox its gave me all 3 of those readouts

Any suggestions?
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    I downloaded another program that appears to give an accurate readout.

    Idle load, Firefox open

    Gaming/Stress testing

    Do these look to be running higher than expected?
  2. Not at all.
    My old machine uses an AMD Athlon 3200+ (step up from yours) and runs at about the same temps with an after-market cooler. Your temps are just fine.

    I found with mine that I couldn't get it stable over around 3.3GHz, so overclock slowly and test with Prime95 each time you increase your settings.
  3. My machine uses an AMD Athlon 64 3800 and pretty much same type of temperature.

    If you are thinking of overclocking it,,,you will need a really good cooling system for the cpu....once overclocked the temperature will jump and can cause ur system to be unstable.

    Liquid cooling is best as it lowers the temperature down as much as possible...

    If you have a bigger case with good air flow, that would be another suggestion.

    I was able to overclock my 3800 from 2ghz to 2.5ghz..using liquid cooling, my case is pretty big as well.
  4. You only got a 0.5GHz overclock with liquid cooling? I'd expect at least 2.8 or 3GHz. Also.. for him to get a nice overclock all he'd need is a better-than-stock air cooler.. not liquid.
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