What type of socket is my intel Celeron?

I need to replace my mobo on an old emachine T2040. I really dont know what socket it is. Research on the web indicates 370 or 478.
The cpu is Intel Celeron Processor 2GHz (w/128KB L2 cache & 400MHz FSB) and the chipset of the former mobo was Intel 845GL. The ram it had was ddr, so I am inclined to think that the socket wasn't 478. Even if it wasn't 478, could I still use the Celeron with the 478?? Or more specifically what socket mobo do I need for this celeron?

NOTE: I realize that a cpu upgrade to a e5200 + LGA 775 mobo would be smarter, but it isnt my computer, it is my parents'.
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  1. Use cpu-z, a free download to get your specs. I recommend an 865 chipset socket 478 board. Computer geeks sometimes carries them. Emachine uses micro atx boards.
  2. Cpu-z says it is a Intel Northwood Celeron with socket 478 mPGA. Does the mPGA mean anything?
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