To move to new drive or not to.

I got a new WD black 1.5t 64mb cache drive compared to my 300gb 16mb catch wd how do i back up and install the os to the new drive or is it even worth it?
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  1. If it's staying in the same system and you have no issues with the OS setup, you can use any number of drive cloning software to copy from one drive to the other.

    Take a look here
  2. hey it wont show up on my computer i see it in bios and everything seems to be fine but its just not there what should i do
  3. got it used disk management and made it a simple volume or something like that. but back to my previous question should i do that? move it over would i see a hardware performance increase?

    here is my new drive will size matter since its 5x larger?

    new drive

    Old drive
  4. what am i doing wrong it keeps booting to the old drive i tried disabling it in bios and everything just keeps booting to it.
  5. Did you clone the old hard disk to the new one and if so, how did you do it?
  6. I thought i cloned it i used Acronis Clone Disk
  7. If you remove the old drive, does the system boot from the new drive?
  8. i deleted it because i even disable the first one didnt work im gonna try another approach perhaps now ill do a back up and restore type
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