Catalyst 9.1 fan speed problem - urgent help needed

Hi all, I just installed the new 9.1 catalyst drivers. Everything went smoothly, as always, even tried playing some TF2 to see if it crashes, apparently it didn't.

I have only one issue though.

For my previous drivers (8.9 - I don't change that often if I don't have problems), I was using the profiles to adjust the fan speed. My card is running at 80 degrees idle if the fan is on auto, so I manually adjusted it to 40% when I am not doing anything demanding and I also had a profile for 70% for when I was playing games.

Now nothing works. The fan speed is always on Auto. I can change the new fan speed setting in the catalyst suite, but the actual speed does not change. It's always around 24% idle and my temps are of course around 80 degrees again. My old profiles were still there, but weren't working. I deleted them and made new ones and those weren't working.

It doesn't seem to have an actual problem since it goes up if the card gets hot, but with my 70% setting I could at least keep it around 90-95 degrees. With auto it can go up to 110 degrees.

Any thoughts?
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  1. never mind...figured it out.
  2. Rivatuner is good for controlling fanspeeds automatically. Here's the link along with some instructions
  3. I don't know. I find the catalyst pretty convenient. I make different profiles for various fan speeds, assign hotkeys and I have what I want in a moment. Alt+3 for 30%, Alt+4 for 40% and Alt+7 for 70%. I haven't tried Rivatuner though, but how much easier than that can it be?
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