Troubles with overclocked 5850

Using stock volts, started off by going into ati overdrive and clicking lock to unlock it and then removed check mark from enable ati overdrive. Modified cfg file in msi burner of enable unofficial overclocking to 1. I was able to set speeds at 876/1200 and was playing bad company 2 for almost an hour. As soon as i go to play any youtube video though i either get a bsod or after it freezes for a second an error that amd display driver has stopped working but has recovered and then the youtube video stays green. After reading through other posts i found a solution by disabling hardware acceleration in adobe flashplayer.

But also someone else stated they had to flash the BIOS with RBE in order to allow Overdrive to go higher than 775/1160 and use overdrive (or Afterburner without allowing unofficial frequencies) to overclock and that then also powerplay would work as well

Anyone care to comment on why that has to be done for it to work successfully when your graphic card is overclocked. Is this an issue with display drivers or adobe shockwave ??
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  1. not every gpu overclocks the same. maybe u are not lucky..
  2. It has nothing to do with differences on how each gpu overclocks differently, it appears to be either a bug because of display drivers or limitation inposed by graphic card bios whenever you go above limitations of 775/1125. As furmark,gaming is running fine with overclocked profile but youtube videos crash driver unless you disable hardware acceleration. Link above confirms, as well as this.
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