Intel Push-Pins.

Hey, so these push-pins are frustrating me, it's my first build and i've had everything together 3 different times and can't get the cooler to make good contact with the cpu. I'll get into bios and see my temps are in the 70s shut down and see the cooler wobbling all over the place. Even though i thought it was rock solid when i put it in. It's a thermaltake V1. So the cooler is huge, and way to big for the push-pins, like a really awful choice in my opinion. The whole idea you are supposed to be able to leave the motherboard in isn't work out because the cool is so big i can't push the pins with it in the box. Anyway, anyone have any hints with the push pins? I've been trying for an hour or so now just to get the cooler on and I'm freaking out. Are there any other solutions i can use? Like go buy some thin nuts and washers that would fit in there? Or would the metal mess stuff up? Any ideas welcome, I'm running out of as5 from trying to put the heatsink on. Ugh, Thanks for the help,
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  1. Sometimes aftermarket heatsinks are too large for push pins... I had to use a backplate to get proper pressure.
  2. So if i run to the hardware store and buy some little bolts and some super thin nuts and maybe a couple washer i can bolt down the heatsink? The metal isn't going to be a problem is it? As long as i can fit it in between the mobo and back of the case?
  3. I wouldn’t do that... try to get a proper back plate, like this...

    Try to tighten the thumbscrews opposite corners first, so top left, bottom right.... then do bottom left, top right.

    fixed broken link
  4. Ok. Thanks a lot for the advise. I think i'll order

    Even though it's 8 bucks the shipping is free, I'm really regretting my cooler choice, I've already had to take the fan out and bend it all over the place so it doesn't grind against the heatsink. Just until that bracket gets here though, how bad would the bolt idea be? Like the problem is with stressing the motherboard, right? If it's really a bad idea I won't worry about it. Thanks again
  5. It doesn't matter that my hs is a thermaltake and the bracket is a xigmatek does it? As long as they're both 775? Or should i find a tt?
  6. it shouldnt matter. people use their thermalright brackets for xigmatek coolers...
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