Phenom II X720 vs Core i5 vs Core i7

I wanted to buy a new computer a few days ago, but didn't have the money I needed. But now I do have the money, I'm unsure about what to do with it! I'm going to build a computer with a Phenom II X3 720 and an HD 4890, however, should I keep this computer or sell it and buy Core i7 and an HD 4870 or wait and buy Core i5 with an HD 4870/90 depending on prices?
Bear in mind that the Core i5 CPU's will be able to directly communicate with the PCI-E bus and will be a lot cheaper..
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  1. I have a £900 ($1300) budget. If there is anything else you recommend, please do.
  2. If you're willing to wait for i5, then wait. For 1300 though you can make a pretty nice i7 setup, and i5 is never going to beat
  3. Thanks very much for quick reply
    So in games, i7 920 will still beat i5?
  4. Of course.
    i7 is the high-end enthusiast processor.
    i5 is going to be its mainstream it will obviously be powered down.
  5. If I get Core i5 though, I can get a more powerful graphics card.
  6. Or if you want a Xeon server processor you can listen to Psycho.
  7. Server procs are notoriously awesome for reliability and low power/heat. They make great overclockers, take my Opeteron 165 for example. It's been overclocked from 1.8Ghz to 2.7Ghz for around 3 years now. I'm getting ready for a new build and idk whether to go AMD or Intel so I am doing the research to see which is the best bang for buck. I am partial to AMD though, so if it's a draw they DESERVE the money more. Read about how Intel bribes manufacturers to push back AMD release dates and other blatant acts to try and preserve their lead over AMD. Intel makes great stuff, but they are a little on the evil side.
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