Help! Booting up for the first time, shuts off after 30 seconds

I just got everything assembled in my new (first) build, and everything seems to be good at first -- the case fans spin, cpu fan and gpu fan both spin, a screen for my mobo appears on the monitor before going to a dos-like screen where it tries to read from my DVD drive. when I put in my windows dvd, it starts reading from it. BUT after the power has been on for about 30 seconds (or probably longer actually), it just shuts off! I have gone over the connections again and again, I don't know what the problem could be! it also shuts off when I go into the BIOS instead of booting from the dvd. Any thoughts??
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  1. Your CPU most likely overheats. Was the HSF installed properly?
  2. I just checked the cpu temp in the bios... it went up to 87 degrees. I know that's high, but I'm not sure how I could install the heat sink any differently from how it is now. but later I'll try taking it off and then back on again.

    btw what approx temp should it be at?
  3. OK so that was it... only 2 of the 4 corners were seated properly. Made me nervous how much force I had to apply to get them in there finally though.

    So now the temp. in the bios is 27 - 30 deg... haha. a tad bit better. I'm expecting that it's not going to cut off anymore. thanks
  4. It's always better to install the HSF outside of the case. Visual inspection is easier and you can ensure that the pins are properly locked in place.
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